We, Trong Nhan Seafood Co., ltd, precursor is Long An Joint Stock Fisheries and Import - Export Company (Lafimexco) since 1987. Lafimexco was transformed into Trong Nhan Seafood Co., ltd as from April 2009 operated by General Director and chairman of the board - Mr. Vo Hoang Hung.


Our general director started the business from a raw material supplier of fishery, he collected raw materials in southern provinces and provide seafood processing plants. Through long-term business, accumulated a lot of experiences in the seafood processing field and have many potential customers, combine with the capital contribution of siblings in his family, he decided to invest in Lafimexco and change into Trong Nhan seafoods Co., ltd, step by step to upgrade , improve and innovation all the equipment , machines, officers and employees until now.


Trong Nhan Seafood Co. Ltd., the headquarter is located at 751, Ly Thuong Kiet street, Ward 6, Ca Mau City with advantage is near raw materials source. With more than 270.000 hectares of natural shrimp farm and 254 km of long coastline which create a rich mangroves area, ensure to supply plentiful and abundant source of raw material all year around.




Besides, we have a factory with over 800 workers located at no. 31, Nguyen Thi Bay street., Ward 6, Tan An City, Long An Province where we have one more big shrimp source from over 50.000 hectares of cultivated farm, supply 30.000 - 40.000 tons of raw material per year.


Our factory is 30 km far from Ho Chi Minh City help us have an advantage in the transaction and meet customers, also well as give us convenient in transportation goods to the Export-import port.


Over many years of continuous development, improvement, upgrade and investment modern machine - equipment, we had became one of leading shrimp producers in Viet Nam with main product is from Black Tiger shrimp and Vannamei shrimp. We produce with all sizes and all packing styles for the following main items:


• Raw shrimp: style of PD, PDTO, HLSO HOSO.

• Cooked shrimp: style of PD, PDTO, HLSO, alive HOSO.

• Butterfly PTO, Nobashi shrimp, Sushi Ebi, Skewered shrimp.

• Marinated PD/PDTO shrimp….


With a long history of nearly 30 years of experience in seafood processing field and By all efforts of employees , we guarantee that we will be a reliable place, providing you with the best products and professional services, fully meet the strict demands of the markets and always meet the increasing demands of customers.